Progress on my art class.

brown and red paint brush in clear glass container

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It’s been a while since I’ve made any kind of post about my art and the online class I’ve been taking. Well good thing was my class is paid off, and I’m still working on my diploma. We’ve even moved the living room around so that I could have my desk where it originally was when my mother and her husband moved into their house back in 2005. Once we can we will be getting a slab of wood from Lowes, or whatever and make the long shape of the L shape desk that I want. We’re doing this for multiple reasons, but main one is so I have another area that I can draw, paint, and keep close to my PC since I use it as a reference for images, and plus I have Spotify on it so I can listen to music. Right now I have one of those little TV Tray stands next to the desk, and I use that to draw, paint, whatever I need to do on. It’s working for now, but I can’t wait to have the desk that I so have always wanted.

white spiral book with pens and watches

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I was going to post some of my work, but I decided against it for the time being. I am working on a watermark so that no one can steal my work, and claim it, so for the time being I’ll be showcasing images that I find from places like Unsplash, Pexel, Pixabay, other places that I am quite familiar with. I also wanted to talk about a special side project I am doing for my mother’s one girlfriends son. He is my age, so that will be 46, and he has forever stuck in a wheelchair, and has MS on top of everything. So he plays a lot of video games, and loves Semi trucks and loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, so I am currently working on a special gift just for him. Now I am looking for a skyline with Three Rivers stadium in the background so that I can put this semi-truck on a bridge and with the old stadium in the background for him. This will probably take me the full year to get it all the way I want. Plus with the time I am going to take to find the right image for the background.

green white and red cards on white tray

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This module I am currently working on now is all about watercolor painting, and I’m currently doing a lot of the exercises in the book and doing some of the dry brush techniques that have been suggested, all the while I am still working on my drawing skills and trying to get better with them as well. So that is the update I have on my art class, and gave a little update as too why I haven’t been blogging a lot more recently. Plus I need to go back and fix the book section that I want to include on this blog as well.

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