Finding the right image

multicolored abstract wall art

Inspiration comes in many forms

It’s all about the right image

As the title of this post states, it is all about finding the right image and the right inspiration for me at the moment. Reason being is because this is 80% of my final grade on this module. I want it to be one of my best pieces to date. I’ve recently been doing a lot of charcoal and graphite work using Raven’s head, and face for my inspiration there. This last part of my lesson is harder because even though it won’t be graded based on details, it will be based on what I’ve learned over the entire module. So, I want to put my best effort into it. I know what I am looking for but right now I am not finding it, or at least part of what I am wanting. The ideal of the image I am looking for has to have a focal point and a vanishing point. So, I was thinking of trying to do a forest scene with mountains in the distant and with something that can be the main focal point. The other challenge I will be having too is this will be done in all soft pastel chalk. So, for the last few days and nights when I am not working on my YouTube channel, I have been scouring the internet looking for images that I may think will work and so forth, but right now I am undecided. I thought writing was hard, but this is proving to be more challenging than writing a blog post from time to time. My mother did give me an ideal and I may start searching for those kinds of images too. She knows that I love my graveyards, and the eerie feeling that they can give some people too. My love for the darker side of life has always made me stand out in the crowd. The fact that I don’t hide who I am anymore is what most people find intriguing.

old, stone, ancient

No one bothers you here.

Everyone has different tastes in art

I know I have some odd tastes in what I think would make good art, but not everyone will agree with me. I do love the darker side of life. I won’t deny it, and I won’t apologize for it either. I am who I am, and no one will ever make me change that part of me either. Blade has come to accept this side of me and has encouraged me to remain true to myself. So, I think I will start looking for spooky and creepy images to use for inspiration for me to draw as part of my last pastel chalk art. I will be taking pictures of it and posting it along the way on my social medias and blogging about it as well. So, until next time folks.

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