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Updates and other Random stuff

I know that I haven’t been posting a lot of stuff on this blog as of late and for that I apologize. That will be changing as I am now going to start concentrating on adding a section to this blog for my artwork and try to keep it separate from my gaming blog. As some of you may know that earlier this year, I started taking an online art class that I pay for monthly. So far, I have been enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s become something highly important to me. Plus, now I can blog on the go too as I now have a laptop with a touch screen and keyboard. So, it will make working on my blogs a lot easier for me too. It doesn’t have a lot of space, or a huge screen on it, but it’s something I’m getting myself use too using again. It’s from gateway. I’ve had a gateway in the past, along with a dell.

The biggest update I am making is creating a special area for me to talk about my art, and my artwork as it’s now a part of who I am as well. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of drawings with soft and hard pastels, charcoal, and graphite pencils. Out of all the things I’ve been using I enjoy the Charcoal, and graphite the best though. There is just something about using those that brings me peace, and joy. My main focal point has been our dog, Raven. She’s been my huge inspiration for me on learning how to draw animals.

Graphite Drawing

As you can see this is my first attempt with Graphite pencil for her, and I think it turned out pretty damn good. She’s, my inspiration. I do have another picture that is done with pencil, and soft pastel and pastel pencils that I will update, the main reason I wanted to do this was because she has the softest brown eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog and that is what drew me to her. Those two-tone soft brown eyes of hers makes it so much easier for me to stay in love with her. Plus, the look she gives Blade and I well just say it all to us. We love her unconditionally and she loves us unconditionally. She’ll always have a special place in our hearts for her. She makes our lives better and for those that don’t understand the love of a dog, well I feel bad, because there is no greater joy in life.

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Changes coming

I am not making a lot of huge changes to this blog or website. I will be adding a gallery page of sorts for images I draw and showcase them here. I will also be making a special watermark to post lightly over the images so that no one steals them because they are my hard work, and I don’t want just anyone stealing them. So please bear with me I start to rearrange things around on this blog, and add the areas that I need to add to showcase my art. Who knows maybe even one day you’ll see me post haunted drawings too. So until next time folks, stay haunted, stay insane, and avoid the darkened asylums that call your name, on second thought, explore them well.

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