Understanding a series

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How it all started

To truly understand the Torpedo Ink Series I am currently reading when a new book is released. I had to go all the way back to the Drake Sisters series and then over to the Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart Series. I didn’t realize it at the time when I started reading the Torpedo Ink series that it all really does tie in together. With that I mean it started back in the Drake series where we are first introduced to the power of the 7 Drake Sisters, and the cozy little town called Sea Haven, then when I finished that series I then went into reading the Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart, and again we were introduced to more of the town of Sea Haven. Also we had the introduction of the Prakenskii brothers. There are 7 of them and in the Drake Sisters books we were introduced to Ilya Prakenskii who is the youngest of the 7 brothers. Like the Drake Sisters there is a prophecy where the 7th one has all the special gifts that the other 6 have, and will give birth to 7 children. For Elle Drake it will be 7 daughters, and for Ilya it will be 7 sons and each will the special gifts and the 7th will then carry on the family legacy with them having all the gifts. It truly is an amazing series to start with, and follow into everything else.
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The Road is so far

After going through all the Drake Sisters and reading their stories and being introduced to Ilya we then went over to the rest of the Prakenskii brothers including the oldest brother Viktor who we later find out is named Czar and is the leader of Torpedo Ink MC Club. Reading about each of these brothers, and how they were all tied together in some way or another through extreme situations and how they come to love the women they are all tied too just really gave me more of an in-depth understanding of how Christine made sure each of these stories were tied into each other throughout the entire series so far. I commend her on her writing style as it truly is unique and one of the kind. To bring all these characters together, but yet having their own stand alone series is truly inspirational for readers like myself who dive into the world that she’s created for each and everyone of them. I am not disappointed with her way of writing and how each of these characters are really a stand alone, but yet they fit into the world she’s created for each of them together as a whole too.


If you are starting to read this series. Please keep in mind that you’ll be put into a world that is far much to real and even though it’s done in a fictional setting, human trafficking is not something that should be taken as a joke as it is really something that is happening before our eyes to this day. Men, women, and children being sold into slavery from foreign countries to the highest bidder.  So while the stories may be a work of fiction there are situations like this happening all over the country today.


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